As a longtime artist couple, we started having conversations about the potential of our specific circumstances and relationship to be a catalyst for raising complex questions about authorship and the nature of the collaborative process. Our work so far has consisted of two major projects: ‘Larval Acceleration: A Conversation in Chunks’, which examined the relationships between two autonomous, process-driven systems, and ‘Maybe a Horse’, which primarily addressed the problem of multiple things occupying a single space simultaneously. Both of these projects reflect the underlying intricacies that our working relationship, as well as our personal one, are built upon, while they also probe the conditions of viewer and artwork relationships. We are concerned with questions about the deterministic nature of co-authorship, the conditions of making in collaboration and the meaning of something being in a continuous state of process. We maintain a position that if authorship, inherently seeks to reject compromise, then co-authorship must seek to do the same. Our projects begin with a shared interest that motivates both of us, but usually in very different ways. The work then gets made through grueling conversations, shifting and overlapping processes that expand and change over time and get layered upon each other. This results with a sense of voyeuristic distance in the viewer, hazed by a cluster of unanswerable questions, but also, we believe, creates a bond of radical intimacy with the artwork, a sensual experience of beauty shaken by a feeling of confusion and uncertainty.